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Respond to the Call of the Wild Now in Marion County

The Ocala/Marion County area is a prime example of responsible and well-managed conservation efforts, making it a highly desirable fishing and hunting destination for many outdoor enthusiasts from around the world. With fall and winter approaching soon, this is the perfect time to plan your hunting or fishing excursion to Ocala/Marion County.

The fish are always biting in the area’s many waterways, with lakes and rivers filled to the brim with multiple species of desirable freshwater fish. Fishing enthusiasts can enjoy the tranquil beauty of the hundreds of County lakes and rivers making for the ultimate fishing experience. Lake Bryant, a 767-acre lake in the Ocala National Forest, is particularly known for its teeming numbers of panfish, largemouth bass, bluegill and sunfish. Experts say Lake Bryant is always a good spot to catch panfish and that fishing near lily pads or docks is the way to go for bluegills.

In Rainbow River, a tributary of the Withlacoochee River near Dunnellon, bluegill and shellcrackers swim in large quantities, making it a great place to cast your line. Serious anglers will want to visit this spot during period of low light, as the water there is very clear. Learn more about Florida fishing and license requirements, at the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission website.

For those looking for an in-land adventure, hunting in Ocala/Marion County is sure to deliver on your search for unforgettable experiences. Hunters pack their camouflage, boots and gear year-round and travel to the region to bask in the unique Florida nature and to hunt the diverse wildlife in season. A variety of waterfowl and wild game can be hunted during season including, including ducks, geese, wild turkeys, quail, gators, wild boar, deer, rabbits and squirrels. Whether you hunt with dogs, guns or arrows, there is an extraordinary prize waiting for you. Be sure to read the current Ocala Wildlife Management Regulations to learn about hunting seasons and licensure requirements for the Ocala area.

For those who prefer “shooting” with a camera, there are endless photo opportunities in the wild side of Marion County. Florida is actually the third continental state with the most nesting pairs of bald eagles, with 220 documented bald eagle nests in Ocala/Marion County. Marion County also has 48 of the state’s 515 Great Florida Birding Trail sites, offering a rich opportunity to view and photograph birds and other Florida wildlife.

Answer the call of the wild and come fish, hunt or bird watch in a natural paradise. To develop s personalized travel itinerary, book accommodations and learn more about the destination, visit


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