Keeping Florida’s Natural Wonder Beautiful

Part of what makes Ocala/Marion County such a wonderful place to live and visit is the stunning natural environment, vast horse country and all the endless outdoor activities in the area. To ensure our home stays a healthy and beautiful place to enjoy, the community is asking visitors and locals be aware of what they put in the environment and to please not litter. Keeping the environment nice to look at, is not the only reason to avoid littering. Wildlife that live in Ocala/Marion County are much safer when their home is trash free—whether it be otters, manatees or turtles in the waterways or the foxes, deer, birds, black bears and more on land.

To help you help us clean up the destination, here are some easy tips to follow:

Secure your trash

  • When throwing trash away, make sure the items that are light and could blow away easily (paper, empty cans, Styrofoam, etc.) are securely placed in the bin.

Keep a bag for litter in vehicle

  • When you are in your car, trash can blow out the window. A great way to prevent this is to have a bag in your car for trash. This will not just keep the roads clean, but will keep your car clean as well.

Educate others

  • Some people do not know what is considered littering, how it can harm the environment and that it is illegal. Encourage neighbors to not overfill bins and make sure to educate children on how to properly dispose of trash and why. Eliminating careless habits car make a big difference.

Participate in clean-up

  • Whether you gather up community members and take part in a clean-up day or are simply grabbing a can out of the springs, anything you do makes a difference!

The Marion County Litter Control Taskforce, is a local initiative aiming to change the mindset and behavior of those that live, work, and play within Marion County emphasizing that littering will not be tolerated. The task force’s mascot Marion the Horse is delivering the message that there is “No Horsin’ Around with Marion.”

anti-litter campaign to keep nature clean Ocala Marion County FL

To learn how to experience Ocala/Marion County is a sustainable way, check out our Green Adventure Guide.


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