Berry Sweet Picking: U-Pick Farms in Ocala/Marion County

Nothing beats a bowl of fresh, ripe fruit — except maybe the satisfaction of knowing you hand-picked each piece yourself. So grab your family or a small group of friends to get outdoors and experience a fun day at one of Ocala/Marion County’s local farms — where the people are friendly and the fruit’s aplenty!

The picking seasons start to kick off in April and some last all the way into September.

To help you plan your picking adventure, here’s a breakdown of the best places and times of year where you can pick blueberries, blackberries and peaches and other produce:

Bay Lake Blueberry Farm

Blueberries make everything better — smoothies, pies, waffles, you name it! Organic blueberries are ready for picking in June at the Bay Lake Blueberry Farms and they have everything you need to pick them and take them home with you. A tasty must while you are there is to try the farm’s homemade blueberry ice cream!

20525 Hwy 315
Fort McCoy, FL 32134
Season/Hours: June. For hours, call 352-546-3834 for visit their Facebook Page.

Blueberry Downs

This friendly farm located just north of Ocala offers four different varieties of blueberries to pick and blueberry fields that are easy to walk through. You can even push a stroller through fields, so bring the young kiddos with you!

2459 NE 98th St
Anthony, FL 32617
Season/Hours: 8am – 4pm Mon-Sun, April to May
For more information, click here.

Wet Hammock Farm at Douglass Farm

Ocala Marion County berry picking

Blueberries, blackberries, peaches and flowers are waiting to be picked and bitten into at this beautiful U-Pick Farm located on the Douglass Farm that has been around since 1918 and is still run by the Douglas Family. The farm provide buckets for you to pick and bags to bring the fruit home with you, but you are welcome to bring your own bucket.

4500 E Hwy 318

Citra, FL 32113

Season/Hours: As of May, this farm is open for U-Pick by appointment only. To book, call 352-812-5462 or click here.

U-Pick blackberries are available usually from May-Early July; Blueberries from Mid-April – May; and Peaches until Mid-May.

B&G Blueberries

Sweeten up your pancakes and muffins with delicious blueberries from B & G Blueberries farm, who have been farming in the area for nearly 35 years! Their Rabbiteye Blueberries, native to the South East United States, are expected to be ready to pick in June for the 2020 season. The farm will provide containers to pick in and a bag to bring home your fruit.

10203 NE 100th St.

Fort McCoy, FL 32134

Season/Hours: 7am – 1pm on select days in June. For opening dates, call 352-236-4410.

Below is a list of the farms as of mid-May whose 2020 U-pick season has passed but will be back in 2021 - click on each for their website!

-Abshier Blueberry Farm

-Yancey Blueberry Silver Springs

-Fiddle Leaf Farm

-Southern Grace Berries

Ocala Marion County blueberry picking

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