Juniper Creek Run Canoe & Kayak Rental

Named one of the top 25 canoe runs in America by ReserveAmerica and typically a high point of a visit to Florida, Juniper Run is a narrow, winding waterway set under a dense canopy of old-growth forest and few places solid enough to get out of your canoe. The 7-mile journey starts just below the springs and follows the spring run through the heart of the Juniper Prairie Wilderness to a take-out off SR 19, well before the run empties into the St. Johns River at Lake George.

Canoeing and kayaking are the only permitted activities along Juniper Run. The waterway varies greatly in depth and width and passes under many low-hanging trees in the first several miles. Pull-off and take-out points are very limited due to the narrowness of the channel and the nature of the surrounding terrain.

The run opens at 8 AM for launching. 11:45 is the latest you can arrive to launch a rented canoe to be picked up by the shuttle at the other end. With your own canoe and self-shuttle, last launch is 4 to 5 hours before sunset.

Rentals are available through the concessionaire at Juniper Springs Recreation Area. Call 352-625-2808 to reserve. Canoe Rental 
$33.00 + tax (includes shuttle transport). plus $20 deposit per canoe
$6 per person for rehaul of private canoe



26701 E. Hwy 40
Silver Springs, Florida 32102

Phone: (352) 625-2808