MAE Beer & Tapas Taproom

Hours: Tuesday - Thursday
12pm - 8pm

12pm - 10pm

Closed Sunday and Monday

MAE Brewing Co. History

Established in the city of Ocala in 2017 by the Natera Brothers, MAE Brewing Co. started as a home brewing project designed to evolve and reach the level of big companies.

"We decided to combine our knowledge and experience to build a successful company and, following our dreams, we created MAE Brewing Co.", Natera Brothers say. Mario Natera is the head brewer. As a Chemical Engineer, he implements his knowledge to develop and perfect recipes and processes to create delightful beers. Eric Natera has an extended experience in the hospitality industry, and with his passion for cooking, he is able to create delicious pub style dishes to offer jointly with the brewery. Alvaro and Elkin Natera have combined years of experience in the retail sales and marketing business and will be in charge of the sales and marketing department of MAE Brewing Co.
Their line of product is consisting of five core Flagship beers, plus some specialty-seasonal beers; and for the ones who do not drink beer they will offer carbonated "aromáticas" (non-alcoholic), and tropical flavored ciders.

"Now, our name has a story and meaning on its own", Mario says. "Trying to find a name for our company my son Adrian suggested to use MEA to combine our initials, but that word in Spanish wouldn't have been well seen", he says while he laughs. "Adrian said then: use MAE. In that instant, something clicked in my brain. I remembered one of my most loved uncles, Tomás Natera. He taught me huge life lesson with little acts, which I still remember. He used to call another one of our loved uncles, -Mike- (Miguel Natera), but with our strong accent for English, and in the way he used to say it, it always sounded to me as MAE."

Mario continues: "When I told Eric and my brothers, they loved the Idea. So, in honor of a couple of our most loved uncles we named our company MAE Brewing Co." "For some people the name is not catchy or has no meaning, but for us, it is part of the company's soul"



4901 E Silver Springs Blvd, Suite 503
Ocala, Florida 34470

Phone: (352) 877-8500