Rainbow River Tour

The Rainbow River

The Rainbow River is a gently winding river that is 5.7 miles long. The crystal clear water, abundant with fish, wildlife and vegetation along with the constant water temperature of 73 degrees, has attracted a number of modern day activities. Our tour is probably the only one that can go under the state road 484 bridge enabling us to travel further up the river than other tours.

Relax Unwind

The Withlacoochee river (or crooked river) is the beginning of the tour as we head north to join the Rainbow River formerly know as the Blue Run River. A clear line can be seen where the tannic water of the Withlacooche mixes with the crystal clear water of the Rainbow River.


Many wading birds including Cormorants, Anhinga, White Abis, Great Egret, Great Blue Heron and the Little Blue Heron among other seen as we make our way up the crystal clear water

River Otter

One of the great delights of travel on the Rainbow is the chance to see the North American river otter. These delight creatures live on the banks and water of the river. Close encounters with these playful animals usually occur as they forage for crayfish, mussels and fish.

We leave from the boat dock and ramp in Dunnellon Florida at 20750 River Drive for a one hour tour. While on the tour we discuss the history of the Dunnellon area which was a mining boom town in the 1890's. Prominent figures in the history of Dunnellon such as Albertus Vogt who was known as "The Duke of Dunnellon" are brought to life.



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