Skunkie Acres Animal Rescue and Park

Skunkie Acres is a family owned and operated animal Rescue and Park. They have rescued as widespread as skunks, ducks, sheeps, goats, tortoise, alligator and so much more. Skunkie Acres also has about 15 or more horses on their 40 acres of land, making the trail rides scenery absolutely amazing. 

The animals are friendly with adult and kids and will have fun with your visit. Visitors can learn about the safety and caring of animals, domestic and wild.

Skunkie Acres is filled with animal habitats, trails, domestic and exotic wildlife.

There is no cost to come and visit the Rescue, although they do take donations of any kind (feed and/or monetary) Skunkie Acres is a non-profit, tax-exempt, 501.C3 organization. Everything we earn or make money from (E.G. pony rides, donations, trail rides, fund raising events) goes back into the rescue.

  • Accessible
  • Family Friendly
  • Parking Available


16990 NE 30th Ct.
Citra, Florida 32113

Phone: (352) 599-0938