A Guide to Glass-Bottom Boat Rides at Silver Springs State Park

When Are Boat Tours Available?

How Much Do The Boat Tours Cost?

Can I Reserve My Tickets Ahead Of Time?

Can You Swim In Silver Springs State Park?

Are Dogs Allowed At Silver Springs State Park And On Boat Tours?

Are There On-site Dining Options?

Are The Glass-bottom Boat Tours Wheelchair Accessible?

What Are The Other Top Things To Do At Silver Springs, In Addition To The Glass-bottom Boat Tours?

Were Famous Tv Shows And Movies Filmed In Silver Springs?

Silver Springs State Park

Embark on an unforgettable adventure with glass bottom boat tours, kayaking excursions, and more at Silver Springs State Park.

Outdoor Adventures

If leisurely exploring is your pace, fun outdoor activities may include a relaxing float down Rainbow River in a tube, an iconic Florida experience on the famous glass-bottom boats at Silver Springs…

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Ocala/Marion County
Florida's Natural Wonder

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