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Lights, camera, action! Experience a cinematic tour of Central Florida that has been captivating both filmgoers and moviemakers for generations. Since the early 1900s, Ocala/Marion County has been the set of familiar films, all of which showcased the area’s tranquil springs, warm temperatures and sprawling forests. It’s this diverse natural beauty that demonstrates what makes the Sunshine State’s hidden gem ideal for the silver screen, and what keeps drawing fans of the great outdoors to Ocala/Marion County.

Well-known for palm trees, natural forests, and small town charm, Ocala/Marion County has been the backdrop to many unforgettable shots in film history. With crystal-clear waters and an abundance of natural wildlife, it comes as no surprise Silver Springs has been a popular choice for shooting underwater films such as the James Bond movies, starring Sean Connery. Discover where the creations of Moonraker came alive and the climactic scenes of where Thunderball were filmed on your next glass-bottom boat tour of the iconic springs.

Silver Springs also welcomed the King himself, with the classic musical starring Elvis Presley, Follow that Dream, being partially filmed at a bank on Silver Springs Boulevard in 1962. You may have also watched Tarzan swing his way through the trees in the 1930s film named for the character, also shot on location. Movie magic was born with the Ocala National Forest turning into an African jungle with the addition of elephants and chimpanzees for the production.

Ocala’s natural beauty radiates in the modern film as well. Jeepers Creepers, starring Justin Long, scouted the County’s lengthy roads and outskirts of the city, providing the necessary ambience to create the thriller-horror film.

Movies such as those shot in Ocala/Marion County continue to prove that the Sunshine State flourishes in film production. Uncover cinematic history and walk past the star-studded streets, while you make movie history a part of your vacation in Ocala/Marion County.



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