Your Guide to Rainbow River Tubing in Ocala/Marion County

There’s no better or more relaxing way to experience Florida’s magical waterways than tubing! Floats, rafts and tubes are all very easy to use – simply lay back and float away!

Relax on the Rainbow River

The pure, spring-fed Rainbow River flows through Ocala/Marion County and is a perfect place to try tubing. The smooth, slow current effortlessly pushes you downstream (at approximately 1 mile per hour), giving you plenty of time to enjoy the area’s breathtaking natural surroundings while viewing Florida’s colorful wildlife in the water and on the shore.

If you’re planning a tubing outing on the Rainbow River, pack towels, swimsuits and even goggles—they’re perfect for spotting fish and turtles hidden in the swaying eelgrass. Disposable containers are prohibited on the river and having them is a fine-able offense, so make sure to bring reusable containers for any food or drink. Sunscreen is another must-have item, as you may find yourself exposed to the sun for up to four hours. Sunglasses are highly recommended, too, due to the glare on the surface of the water. Children must be over the age of 5. You’ll also be asked to sign a safety waiver and release of liability agreement prior to renting and using tubes.

Here are some of the best places in Ocala/Marion County to launch your Rainbow River tubing adventure!

KP Hole State Park Entrance

KP Hole

KP Hole is a great starting point for inner tubes. The average float time from the KP Hole to the Tuber’s Exit (aka the Blue Run of Dunnellon Park) is approximately four hours, but float time may vary based on the weather and water levels. Tubing rentals and shuttle services back to the KP Hole parking lot are available daily from May 1 - September 30.


KP Hole Park, 9435 SW 190th Avenue Road, Dunnellon, FL 34432


The tubing package at KP Hole Park costs $25/person and includes entry fee, tube rental and return shuttle service.

Rainbow River State Park

Rainbow River State Park

If you’re looking for a shorter tubing experience, access the Rainbow River via the State Park Tubing Facility. From here, you can rent tubes, ride a complimentary tram up-river, and drift back to the State Park Tubing exit on an approximately 1.5 hour float trip.*


10830 S.W. 180th Ave Rd, Dunnellon, FL 34432


Entry to Rainbow River State Park costs $2 per person, and tube rental and tram access costs $20/person.


After tubing along the crystal clear waters of the Rainbow River, don’t be surprised if you want to try other aquatic adventures in Ocala/Marion County’s countless rivers and springs! Canoeing and kayaking are popular alternatives to tubing, and the county’s swimming and snorkeling spots are some of the best Florida has to offer.

*The Rainbow River - Tubing

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