A Cruising Down The River

Hello I'm Captain Erika. I am a native of Florida. As the saying goes"I have sand in my shoes". Since the early 1800's my family has been in Florida. I have been fishin' on the river since I was 3 years old. I love it so much I started a pontoon boat business
on the great and famous Ocklawaha River.

Ocklawaha River - Tours on this river start in Eureka Hwy. 316 from the Marjorie Harris Carr Greenway West Boat Ramp. Offering private tours for 3 Passengers $60 for 2 hours and $30 each additional hour. Private tours for up to six $120 for 2 hours of fun and relaxin! Add $60 for each addtional hour. Trip instigators set up starting times, type of trip (sightseeing, birding, fishing, photography etc.) and length of trip. Six passengers is my boats legal maximum limit. No minimum. Anything to get out of house cleaning! 

The World Famous Silver Springs and the Silver River - If you can't visit this area often then it there is no question on what river to see! Trip cost for up to six is $180 for 3 hours and $60 for each additional hour. $240 for up to 4 hours includes a complete tour of the head water springs. One day notice may be needed! No per person rates available. 



15395 NE 154th St.
Ft. McCoy, Florida 32134

Phone: (352) 299-0282