American Sunday Plate Catering

American Sunday Plate CateringTM was established in 1977 to provide off-site professional catering services featuring traditional "Sunday Dinner" cuisine. Chef Elzo developed American Sunday Plate CateringTM to diversify the traditional menu and to reach clientele that desired that the menu be made available other than just through dine-in services.

Bringing exquisite food and excellent customer service since 1977, American Sunday Plate Catering is committed to providing quality service, savory food, and customized menus tailored for your next event. Your next event…

Wedding, Baby Shower, Birthday Party, Banquet, Corporate Event, BBQ, Private Dinner for 2, or Family Reunion, should be catered by us and receive a first-hand glimpse of what ASPC has to offer.



400 SW 1st Ave., Suite 4853
Ocala, Florida 34478

Phone: (727) 481-7959