Forest Animal Rescue

The animals that come to the sanctuary are given permanent homes. We do not sell, transfer or exploit the animals we rescue and they are not used for breeding; we simply protect them from harm and provide them with high-quality lifetime care.

Visiting the Sanctuary - Exclusive opportunity to visit the animals at Forest Animal Rescue

As a true accredited sanctuary, our concern for the well being of the animals will always come first.

In our opinion, it is not in line with the definition of "sanctuary" if we allow our need for funding to override the right that the animals have to a stress-free environment. The compromise that we have found is to offer exclusive guided tours only twice a month, led by one of the sanctuary's founders in our Land Rover.
Most of the animals at the sanctuary have suffered at the hands of humans before their arrival here, so they are naturally uncomfortable in the presence of new people.

By limiting the frequency and using the sanctuary's vehicle to give the tours, we respect the privacy of the animals. The animals remain calm and relaxed in their habitats. They are confident that the strangers will maintain a respectful distance because they are in the vehicle and accompanied by someone they have grown to trust.

Yes, we know that we could make more money if we gave more tours, but we choose to protect the privacy of the animals rather than using them as an attraction to make money. That is the situation from which many of them were rescued. We have faith that our loyal supporters will see it our way and help us to provide the best, most peaceful, sanctuary setting we can provide.

Tours are given twice a month in the sanctuary's Land Rover; no more than four people at a time can join due to the seating room in the vehicle. We require registration and prepayment to reserve your seat. The cost is $50 per person (all ages), and the funds are used to help care for the animals.

The sanctuary is not open to the general public; this is the only way to visit the animals. Final driving directions to the sanctuary gate will be emailed to you after your booking is complete.



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