Ocala Historic Neighborhood District

The Ocala Historic District developed as a residential neighborhood in Ocala between circa 1880 and 1930. The eastward growth from the town center records a progression of styles, throughout which the character and quality of the 172.5 acre residential district remains intact. The earliest development, which began along Fort King Street, is dominated by Queen Anne Revival residences built prior to 1910.

The influence of the Florida boom during the next two decades is exemplified by the revival style residences on large sites along Fifth Street. Bungalows and vernacular residences were integrated compatibly throughout the district, with a concentration in the southwest. Of particular significance is the extensive coverage of Live Oak trees, which canopy many streets and sites. Small neighborhood green spaces, natural local flora around low areas, and landscaping contribute to the quality of life exhibited by this district. Adaptive use and rehabilitations have been compatible and intrusive elements are minimal. Since its origin, the Ocala Historic District has retained its character, ambiance, and significance to the history of the area. 

A lot of the district is golf cart friendly! the 



712 E Fort King St
Ocala, Florida 34471