Ocala Wildlife Sanctuary Inc.

Ocala Wildlife Sanctuary provides humane care for all birds in distress (though owls are their main rescues). The goal is to rescue, rehabilitate and release whenever possible,

In the event they cannot be released back into the wild, we provide a clean and well caring refuge for them. We believe the best way to achieve this goal is to help raise awareness, educate and preserve the natural habitats that are needed for their survival.

This facility is home to tortoises, ducks, geese, a talking crow, and a variety of tropical exotic species of birds, and 33 owls from 5 different species. Sadly many of the animals that are full time residents are victims of animal cruelty and abuse. This sanctuary provides a safe, loving environment for these animals to live out the rest of their days.

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  • Family Friendly
  • Parking Available


2020 SW 5th Ave
Ocala, Florida 34471

Phone: (352) 732-6844