Orange Lake Community Park

Hours: Sunrise to Sunset

The 8.5-acre Orange Lake Community Park offers a baseball field, basketball court, volleyball court, playground, picnic tables and restroom and concession facilities. 

Orange Lake Community Park has a long history in the game of baseball dating back to 1918. During that time, Morris Modican organized a group of young men to play baseball in east Orange Lake. This field was located near the lake's fishing camp. The area was close to train tracks, and it is believed that fans and players rode trains to get to the field. In 1935, the field and team moved to west Orange Lake where the Orange Lake Ball Field was constructed. Later, in 1943, a new generation of players took over the field, producing such sluggers as James Brother Hunter, Levi Rackard, Charlie Ruthledge and Mack Jamerson. With the onset of World War II, women stepped up to the plate and, in 1946, began playing baseball and raising funds to help enrich the area. Thomas James Smith Sr. took over the ball team some 20 years later. Smith, organizer and founder the Orange Lake Athletic Community Club, is credited for the nickname "All-Stars" for the team. His goals included recruiting, encouraging and promoting interest in baseball as well as fast-pitch softball within the community.

Picnic Tables

Pets are not allowed at this facility.



5920 NW 185th St.
Reddick, Florida 32686

Phone: (352) 671-8560