Tasty Bowl

About Us
If you ask me what kind of restaurant "Tasty Bowl" is, and what do we sell? I can tell you Tasty Bowl sells fresh, healthy, quality, delicious, innovation Chinese Food and our restaurant experiences.
I have been helping my father to manage a restaurant since I was 16 years old. Within the past 18 years I have been always wondering how healthy Chinese food can be more healthly presented to my customers. Because by the traditional way, chefs always overcook the vegetables, which not only loses nutrients from vegetables and its own flavor, but also uses too much oil. At the Tasty Bowl, I use a new way to prepare delicious food to my customers, I call it "Stir Fry" cooking style. We use less oil, this will not over cook fresh vegetables, and keep nutrition enough to stay inside. More importantly, at Tasty Bowl you can always choose your favarite vegetables and meat, you can alse choose to stir fry them with your favorite sauce, so you do not have to eat the vegetables you do not want, there is no waste of food. That is Tasty Bowl.
(And don't forget we also have a dish called "Fresh Bowl", this is a healthier dish presented by Tasty Bowl. Why healthier? because this is a Salad bowl. Had you ever eat your salad with soy sauce base dressing?)



2575 SW 42nd Street, #108
Ocala, Florida 34471

Phone: (352) 854-0896