Wet Rabbit Kayaks

Silver Springs glass bottom kayak rentals and guided tours.

Our Glass-Bottom Kayaks
Our glass bottom kayaks come with a sit-in-top design, which means it is well suited to all-weather paddling. Taking safety further: by dropping the cockpit lower into the boat, stability is greatly increased, paddler comfort is enhanced, and wave impact is reduced. Our kayaks come standard with a transparent hull for underwater viewing. At 12 feet long there's plenty of room for a comfortable, stable ride! A padded seat, a floating paddle, dry storage and a PFD for each paddler are included with your booking.
These are the clearest, most stable glass-bottom kayaks you'll find on the Silver River!

Our Location
Currently offering tours and rentals on the Silver River, launching from Silver Springs State Park! Silver Springs has been a National Treasure since it first opened in the 1870s and is home to one of the worlds largest freshwater springs. These waterways are known to hold an abundance of wildlife such as alligators, manatees, otters, turtles, fish, birds, deer, panthers, bears, snakes and Rhesus monkeys. There have been several movies filmed at Silver Springs over the years and you can still see remnants left behind from films such as Sea Hunt, Tarzan & 007 to this day! The Silver River offers an experience you won't find anywhere else!

Your Experience
Explore some of Florida's clearest waters with unique views of a world below via Glass-Bottom Kayaks! Your paddle starts and finishes at the Silver Springs State Park kayak launch. You'll paddle through the calm, shallow waters of the Ft. King paddling trail, out into the Silver River, up through dozens of clear blue headsprings and back to your starting point; sharing the waterways with turtles, otters, manatees, alligators, several species of fish and birds! Shift your eyes up on the trees for a once in a lifetime view of the pesky river Monkeys who call Silver Springs home!
This paddle is appropriate for all levels of experience. 



5656 E. Silver Springs Blvd.
Silver Springs, Florida 34488

Phone: (352) 366-8850